Friday, April 10, 2020

Easter in the Middle

We were a middle-class family living in the middle of California in the middle of the last century. This is what we looked like on Easter Day 1949. We had been to church with our grandparents. We all dressed in new clothes for the holiday. New shoes (no play clothes), new haircuts and suits for the boys, and curled hair and bonnets for the girls. We were dressed for “good.” Besides, we weren’t allowed to play much (no games), so we weren’t going to get dirty. We were together, our grandparents, three of their adult children and spouses, and us five grandchildren. The big focus (after the Easter egg hunt) was Easter dinner with ham, potato salad, Jell-o salad, pickles, and plenty of desserts. Those were the “good old days” we remember fondly now. Grandma kept these photos commemorating the day with her family, all of us together.